Nobody does it alone…

You’d kill to get un-stuck, figure out what’s wrong with your biz, come up with new ideas, products, services, marketing, slogans, website designs, strategies, campaigns and even entirely new approaches to making money that will transform not only your business, but your lifestyle.

We both know that’s impossible to do by your self.

The real magic in business, the giant leaps forward, huge ideas, exponential gains and brilliant breakouts happen when you bring the right people into the mix. Especially people from the outside who have the objectivity and perspective to see your world in way you’re no longer capable of seeing it, then rocking that world with transformative insights, strategies and tactics that would’ve remained invisible to you for months, years or even forever.

Yes. You need people. We all do.

Problem is, the high level of motivated people who would make the biggest difference on a full-time or even part-time basis would cost you six-figures per person, per year to hire. That’s a tough nut for any business, especially one that not humming along flush with cash.

What if you could just dial up that same high-level strategic and marketing brainpower when you most needed it?

What if you could pay only for those brief bursts of insight and information, not full-time, not even part-time, but in 1-hour increments?

You can. I can be your people, one hour at a time.

You can tap the same strategic, marketing and interactive experience that’s fueled the launch, growth and sale of two industry-leading brick and mortar companies, numerous online brands, books and ventures, led to multiple features in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, Inc., MSNBC, FoxBusiness, Today, and helped built a wide variety of client brands from boutique restaurant groups to national conferences, online publishers and author platforms.

How does it work?

Simply request a session using the form below. We’ll confirm date, time and payment, then you’ll get a pre-session questionnaire that you’ll complete and return to me.

At the scheduled time, we’ll jump on the phone or Skype. We’ll start strategic and peel away bigger picture challenges. Then, we’ll get highly tactical. If you’ve got specific questions, challenges and struggles, we will laser focus on them.

The conversation will focus in on your greatest pain points and opportunities.

Topics often include everything from starting your online empire from scratch, fixing or optimizing your business model to re-igniting innovation, redefining or adding products or services to changes in your marketing funnel, headlines, page-copy, offers, calls-to-action or website design needed to increase conversion and generate more leads or sales.

Our time together is about getting a fresh set of eyes and making a real and immediate difference.

If it becomes clear the problem in your business is that you shouldn’t be in this business, I’m going to tell you, then share how to rework what you’re doing to make it align with who you are. For some, I may also guide you to the realization that what got you into your business is no longer what’s keeping you there and big decisions about why you’re staying need to be made.

And if you’re just now thinking about launching a business, but you’re not sure if it’s a good call, I’ll help you figure out whether to move forward or not and if you do, what changes you might need to make before pouring a ton of money and time into something that’s destined to fail.

I’m what my clients would call “a compassionate realist,” I’ll give it to you lovingly, but straight.

We may get a little personal on the call (because one of the biggest underground reasons for business decline is the development of a personal/business alignment gap). But there’s nothing fluffy about what you’ll walk away with—specific, well-defined tactics, strategies, action-steps, priorities, plans and resources and a renewed sense of purpose to act.

Oh, by the way…things I won’t do on this call – waste your time talking about my life, the traffic or the weather or give you anything less than my full attention. Neither of us have time for that dance, especially when it’s on your dime.



Will you help me figure out my life? Depends. My passion is working with entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, especially hyper-creative entrepreneurs and professionals, looking to make an aggressive move forward in business and income. If you’re not at that place yet, that’s cool. But I’m probably not your “people.” You should already have an operating business or a strong idea about what you want to do before we get on the phone together. My job will be to help you massively-accelerate the move from where you are to where you know you can get. I like action. I like clarity. I like results. So should you.

Can I send you anything to look at in advance? Yes. Once you book your session, I will email a set of Session Questions and a request for information and links that I will review before our time together. I’ll also ask you to define your dream outcome for the call, so I know where to focus in advance.

Do you have any specialties? – I’ve operated for more than a dozen years as an industry-leading brick & mortar sporting good-industry entrepreneur, online entrepreneur and Startup Specialist. In additional to building a number of my own businesses, I’ve advised everything from multimillion dollar restaurant groups to solo and chain sporting good companies, 7-8 figure online brands, NYT bestselling authors, publishers, conference organizers and consultants. I also really enjoy working with the newbie who wants to quit their 9-5 and take to the web to free up more time.

My personal killer-app is business growth strategy with a heavy emphasis on response-driven marketing, copywriting, conversion and content-driven/social-media marketing (oddly, these are much more closely-related than most people think). I know the health and fitness and publishing industries very well. And, for authors, I also advise on platform-building, next-gen launch tactics, campaigns and building sustainable business plans around your writing.

Do you offer project-based, monthly consulting or entrepreneurship coaching?  Sure, contact me and lets talk.

Can we meet in person? Sure! I live in Baltimore, MD but can travel if need be. I also work by phone, Facebook or Skype.

What if I miss the call? That’s on you. If you simply don’t show up for the call or cancel within 24 hours of the call start time, there are no refunds. This is a professional obligation. Treat it like a pro and keep it.

Do I get any take-aways? Yes. Within 48 hours after our session together, you’ll get an mp3 audio of our session. Then, within 10 business days, you’ll get a typed transcript e-mailed to you.

How can I get started?

Below are the packages I offer….

1 hour consult session via Skype, Google Plus Chat or Hangout, Live chat or voice via Yahoo or AOL or telephone.

How It Works

Ready to get started on your path to freedom?

Great! It’s such a smart investment!

You can pay for your session right here, and I’ll contact you lickety-split to book it in my calendar.

During our first appointment we’ll talk about your goals, what you want help with, your needs for accountability and support, and then get right into helping you move toward those. I will walk you step by step through the purchasing of a new domain and hosting setup or the purchase of prebuilt websites. I can help explain internet, website and monetization basics. I can show you my network in detail and show you how easy I set it up and how we can start setting yours up. The choice is yours, once I learn and understand your skill level and goals and needs I can get started on putting you in the right direction. We’ll also set up our next 2 – 3 meetings. Most of my clients prefer to meet weekly or bi-monthly, same day, same time.

  • Each session is about 60 minutes long. Initial sessions run a bit longer (75 minutes). I will also check-up in the week following our session via phone or email. Basically, you’ve got me in your corner, skillfully guiding you, rooting for you, and helping you work through the stuck spots.

 There are 2 pay-ahead options:

Pay as you go: Single session: $150

Get a 4 session package:
*Buy 4 sessions at once: $499, and save $100 while you’re at it. That savings could register you 10 domain names or 1 year of hosting!

*I prefer this option. It’s easier to get a regular, consistent time slot on my calendar and it helps us both invest in your success.

All sessions must be scheduled within 12 months of purchase.

If you decide to work with me, I recommend a 4 session minimum commitment — because deep changes take focus, gentle attention, and practice, practice, practice. That said, I don’t have long-term contracts, and you are free to finish whenever you wish!  Any unused sessions can be banked for future use or can be refunded on a pro-rated basis. Regardless of how many sessions we have together, my aim to help you fly solo with new insights, skills and strategies you keep for life.