My Arsenal of Freedom

**Current as of 8/18/2014

As of a couple years ago i entirely switched my computer systems both laptop and desktop to Mac/ OSX with Parallels. I do have a PC but mainly use it under my desk as a foot rest…no joke.

I used to use the Sennheiser USB-350 for my gaming and Skype sessions but now simply use the built in Mac cam/speakers and mic

I use the Logitech MX5500 wireless keyboard and mouse

I use the harman/kardon soundsticks speaker system.

I use a 3 monitor setup + laptop (MBP) most days

I use several dedicated servers with Rackspace and Verio and have shared and VPS hosting with Hostgator (I HIGHLY recommend hostgator) and

I mostly use Godaddy and namecheap to register Domain Names and occasionally will use Dynadot.

I use custom drop catching scanning/software to grab expired and cancelled domain names. I am currently using a couple sites for viewing market drops as of lately.

I have dry erase whiteboards EVERYWHERE and have commissioned several bespoke whiteboard to be made for my specific needs.

Technologies and the sorts…

I prefer Firefox and Chrome browsers these days
I use Google Toolbar, SEO for Firefox, Firebug, Google Gears, Xmarks (awesome multi comp collabo), SEOQuake, Search Status and DT whois addons. On my Macs I have Parallels installed so I use IE mostly for cross testing sites along with FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera. I use Google Analytics to measure how many users are visiting my sites with these browsers among many other variables I review, I also use Google Adwords, Adsense, Gmail and Google Plus….I think its safe to say most of my day is on a Google property.

I prefer Basecamp but also have and can use Microsoft Project and team viewer for Project Management measuring and management. I really like the 37signals products line. I also use Skype, Yahoo, Google Plus and G+ Hangouts to communicate with my team worldwide. I use the iCal to keep track of all my appointments, contacts, timezones and much more.

I am Fluent in WHM and Cpanel and consider it a must for any multi site network owner to learn. You can survive without it but you MUST have (preferably) US based full managed tech support from your host or have a dedicated IT/Techy on board with you.

I understand most workings of dedicated hardware and hosting elements such as CPU/Memory loads, bottlenecks and security issues to keep me out of trouble. I fully transfer sites, backup, merge, move databases, setup SSL and CSRs as well as fully diagnose server logs. I also have fully manged support with my dedicated and VPS machines in case I need immediate help outside my scope of knowledge.

I prefer Linux and Unix and  know basic SSH & command line functions.

I understand HTML, PHP, ROR, .net, Mysql and most modern web technologies but am very rusty since 98% of the time now i focus on big picture things like management and growth and steer clear of coding and programming.

I dabble with the Macromedia full suite of products

I prefer WordPress as of lately but have used Joomla, Drupal and most of the top tier CMS systems.

I now prefer Google Docs over the Microsoft Suite.

I have experience in near all forms of Marketing in one shape or another, I use Google adwords, chitika, text links building  as well as organic SEO best practices. I am familiar with and harness the power of social marketing as well as link building, forum and blog posting. I use several tools to help me automate this these days.

I use constant contact and used to use Aweber

I mostly use Amazon,  Commission Junction and clickbank for affiliate sales as of lately. I sell ads mainly using the Google Adsense platform and most of my network was accepted into the NeverBlue CPA program which I am VERY happy with.

I use Ring Central for my gazillion phone line setup that sends all incoming calls to 1 phone number i can change at any given time. This is a MUST for anyone learning my system.

I use Liveperson Live chat on most sites with the tracking installed. There is no better way to track/monitor your users behavior and engage them proactively.

I rely solely on Google Analytics for all my reporting and analytics needs. I am a HUGE advocate of measurable results and there is no better way to measure variables than with GA. From tracking sales from leads to page errors to visitor loyalty and bounce rate I don’t think you will find a better solution.

Book Genres I enjoy are…

Time Management
Leadership and Self Help
Technology (preferably O’reilly)
Card Games

Authors I enjoy…

Jack Welch
Seth Godin
Michael Gerber
Stephen Covey
Brian Tracy
Guy Kawasaki
Warren Buffett
Tim Ferriss
Robert Kiyosaki
Tony Robbins – I have attended many of the Anthony Robbins courses including UPW and Business Mastery. I strongly recommend if you ever have the chance.

Magazines/Publications I enjoy..

Robb Report/Dupont Registry
Watch Time
Fight Magazine
Baltimore Business Journal
Fast Company
Architectural Digest
Investors Business Daily & Financial Times

Still with me? Wow that’s impressive. You maybe thinking “OK, So you know all that, what do you actually do?”

First off, I would like you to know that i am very passionate and care a great deal about anything and everything that i am involved in. This is key i believe for any successful entrepreneur.

I primarily build, grow and sell web based business for a living as well as consult and coach clients on how to do the same. I check in with my virtual team from time to time to discuss new ventures, review current operations and systems and analyze and optimize my network or revenue producing websites. In a nutshell I have a large network of websites working for me 24/7 365.

I try to work smarter and not harder as much as possible; if it can be delegate or outsourced I do it. I have a vast network of resources that can do anything and everything related to e-business. It has taken me near 11 years but i finally feel i have the best virtual team in place. Tasks get done quickly, efficiently and affordably and I have a system in place to ensure clear concise communications to the team and in return i get measurable performance from them.

I have a number of teams that specialize in different fields. My three main teams reside in India, Pakistan and Chicago. I have a great design and interactive team in Egypt and Romania. I also have a few smaller teams here locally in Baltimore as well as Seattle and Indiana. Along with my passion, having all these teams makes my projects come to reality quicker and more efficient than i could imagine. I envision the idea and they make it come to life. I then work my magic to grow the business then i decide to manage it or sell it off.

I am a big believe in Ready, Fire and Aim. If a business idea hits my head I immediately write it on paper, work a budget and plan to make it happen, have it built and launch then I fine tune along the way.


I like building and acquiring websites and businesses that are mostly self sufficient, fully systematic, automated and require little to no supervision by me. Most of the sites within my portfolio are just in time or drop shipped product sites, affiliate sites by way of commission junction, amazon or clickbank (this means i dedicated a site to promote someone elses product and get a commission cut for making the sale happen) websites. I have several service based websites that are mostly self sufficient and require small time investments by my team and I.

I am a BIG goal setter and stay the course to achieve them.

I believe that working smart, timing and simply being in the game are the 3 biggest things to being successful. Dedication, focus, networking, discipline, asking A LOT of questions and funding also help.

I use 4 whiteboard to keep track of my tasks, open projects, site flow diagrams, goals, new venture ideas and current acquisitions and status.

I use technology and global arbitrage to my advantage.

I have several layers of e-business strategy that i try to inject into every project I start. These layers involve main site content and goals, the technology environment, customer service experience, optimization, education and site analytics, revenue models and social viral marketing.

I like to simplify things as much as possible.

I greatly enjoy setting up system and solutions for folks new to the web up to fortune 500 companies.

Can I help you or your business? Lets get started!