Hi, I am Nick Collins 

I am an investor and serial entrepreneur with pioneering ventures in Web development, online marketing, and brand management. In my two decades of self-employment, I have had 4 successful exits from companies I have founded and led. 

In 1999 I quickly discovered I REALLY hated sitting in traffic, going to a job that I couldn't stand, to do something I didn't enjoy. 

I wanted more free time, more money and to do something I really liked so I started my very first company at the age of 20. 

Over the years I have shared my secrets with others and they have successfully implemented the strategies and have achieved their own personal freedom. 

There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than hearing a business idea from someone and helping turn that vision into a reality. 

My Specialities

Helping Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses is my passion! I live and breathe it. 

"I have made my money doing this stuff, not teaching it"

Startup Creation & Exit

The only thing more exciting to me than the creation of a startup is the sale and profitable exit. 

"An exit strategy is crucial, without one you just have a job"

Project Management

The management of resources, time, budgets, obstacles and more is a 20-year labor of love.

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.”

Business Monetization

Finding a Clear and sustainable path to cash has always been very clear to me.  

"The difference between being an entrepreneur and everyone else is the ability to monetize"

Outsourcing / Delegation

I am a self-proclaimed master delegator and proponent of outsourcing tasks.

"Do what you do best. Find an expert to do the rest."

Systems & Processes

Some unwind with a beer after work, I unwind by creating systems and processes!

"Without systems and processes, your business has no foundation"

Can I help You or your Organization?

Whether you are looking to quit your job, create a startup or are stuck, I can help!

Free Time is the ultimate Status Symbol

Freedom is the ultimate measure of wealth

Freedom of Time

Spending time doing what I really love doing with the clients and people who mean the most was very important.


Freedom of choice

I wanted to set my own schedule, priorities, and goals. Having to be at a desk from 9-5 was not an option.


Financial Freedom

The ability to control my finances instead of being controlled by them was paramount. 

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