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I would describe Nick as an internet techy with a high level of experience in Domaining, building Startups, developing and Marketing BUT with the Business Acumen to actually monetize them. – Eric Schultz -eBiz Magazine

2001 newspaper clipping
In 2001 I was nominated for Entrepreneur of the year and featured in our newspaper.

It all started back in 1999 when I was still in college and working for Maryland Public Television managing a website for a show called ‘Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser. It was a great paying, excellent benefits job but I worked in a small cubicle and the drive was a good 45 minutes from my home where I stilled lived with my parents. I learned many great skills at that job which I shortly parlayed into a very small start up of my own; building and managing websites for folks on the side. This small design firm I started grew from word of mouth and before I knew it I was making really good money and growing my client base and building and managing more sites than i could keep track. I kept telling my parents I need to quit and work for myself full time much to their dismay. They kept saying, stay with MPT, its great pay, great benefits and you will work your way up through the ranks. I was really unhappy reporting to work everyday and knew this was not what I wanted to do so I  quit and focused full time on my up and coming web design company.

I will fast forward 2 years later where I started to build small sites for myself while still building sites for clients and small businesses, I was happier than ever and working from my small apartment. In the year of 2001 at the ripe age of 22 years old I was nominated for The Maryland Entrepreneur of the Year from The Jeffersonian Magazine and my first ever website was featured on their homepage as seen here and the phones started ringing and things really took off, Oh and by the way, my parents couldn’t be happier with my decision ;)

The year is now 2015 and I am still happily self employed in the fast moving, ever evolving internet world and learning more and loving every minute of it. Since then I moved out of my parents house bought a home and started a family. I now spend most of my time with family and traveling while consulting new clients and managing my evolving network of sites that bring in revenue every hour of every day. I now have a small team (including my wife Amanda) that helps me run Platinum Enterprises and I will show you how I do it.


All my sites are built with automation and scalability from the get go so a simple check in of my systems and automation once every couple of days ensures everything is in line. In 2004 I was accepted into the Baltimore based ETC (Emerging Tech Center) where I launched several businesses and met great people while holding office space at that campus and still utilize their resources and facilities.

Shortly after graduating from ETC I opened up a physical retail brick and mortar sporting goods shop. After running that (and realizing that I STILL Hated retail even as an owner) I sold it to my shop manager and an investor. Even after I cashed out of the business I still earn revenue from my experience by documenting the process of starting up a skate shop and selling that system. Rather than go on here with my touting, you can see my updated profile of experience, things I like, things I do, Things I have done and so on by clicking here….

I am often asked how big my company is – how many people I employ full -time. The answers is one.

Most people  lose interest at that point. If someone were to ask me how many people run my network, on the other hand, the answer is different:between 50 and 100.

I am the ghost in the machine

You might wonder what do I do then. I manage my automation and systems that I setup to keep things scaling and running smoothly, as long as I have internet access wherever I am in the world I can perform my tasks 100%. I am not a tollbooth through which anything needs to pass, I am not a micro manager, I clearly layout my instructions and goals for my team and let them perform their job. I act like a police officer on the side of the road who can step in if need be, and I use detailed reports and measured analytics from my team to ensure the cogs are moving as planned. I check reports from my drop ship account sites, I review my affiliate and ad earnings, the health of my sites and services, I check bank accounts online and I then I look for opportunities to grow my business which still excites me and I love teaching people how to do the same.

I don’t build all these sites by myself anymore, I leverage a large network of offshore and US workers using websites like, and the likes. I have been delegating work to a group of freelancers now for near 6 years and have found the magic formula, I share that in my consulting and coaching classes as well. I also have a solid in-house team of professionals here in Baltimore with me and they are part of the Platinum Internet Enterprises.

Each site we build has a specific niche that we fill as well as a specific revenue stream, there is alot of research that goes into preparing a new site to launch but luckily thanks to the CMS system we use the power of the internet the site is quick and fast to get up and running and making money.


I have pretty much worked with every major internet technology, site, service, software and applications. I have built drop ship product and service based sites, blogs, full scale eCommerce sites, dating sites, religious sites, and so much more.

I estimate I have create and helped create near 1,000 + websites and businesses to date.

So you might be wondering what topics I consult and coach on. Pretty much everything I have learned in the past 12 years I am teaching which covers….

Internet Basics
How to search and register your new domain name
How to host your website
How to use CMS (content management systems) and open source software to manage and publish to your site  if your NOT a techy
How to create a popular NICHE and Revenue stream that earns for you with minimal effort
Which Revenue models to use
Internet Marketing basics such as pay per click, organic site preparation and affiliate advertising
How to create scalable systems, automation and much much more.
I get no greater enjoyment than from consulting a client whose goal is to quit there job and work their site they started with me and seeing that dream come to life. I have done it countless times and it never gets old.

Whether your are brand new to the web or an experienced techy I am sure i can help you grow and learn new things for your own company or small business. I have learned so many amazing things in the 12 years that I share with my clients to help them grow and create their small site or network of their dreams.

Whether you have one specific business site or goal in mind or if you want to take your brick and mortar store online i can help. If you dont know what you want but know you want to free your time and earn money by using the web i can also help. I spend much of my free time learning the latest and greatest trends, system, automation tactics, revenue models, new business tricks and tips so that you dont have to and I love learning and sharing it.

I consult and coach via phone, skype, email, live chat, Google Plus hangout or can meet you in person at your location. I am very flexible and very easy to work with. My rates are published on most pages and you can purchase a session via the application if you wish or call for a free consult to learn how I can help you or your organization.

I truly look forward to working with you!

Nick Collins

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